Our Mission

About Us

Mission First, People Always (MFPA) PAC will support and empower candidates who lead through the challenges of today with boldness and balance, empowering Americans to live freer, more joyous lives, and ensuring that our nation is prosperous, powerful and peaceful for generations to come.

Combat leaders do not get to choose whether they accomplish the mission or bring their soldiers back to base; they are expected to do both. Business leaders do not get to choose whether they satisfy the customer or make payroll; they are expected to do both. Sadly, too few of our political leaders think this way. Mission First, People Always PAC will support candidates who bring this kind of balanced, real world leadership to American government.

Mission First, People Always is a concept inspired by my training at West Point and in Ranger School. It is informed by my service as a combat aviation officer and experience as a business leader. It is not only the mantra of those who bleed red, wear green, and carry the red, white and blue, but for Americans in all walks of life for whom failure is not an option. Mission First, People Always PAC will bring this message to all Americans and inspire them to join our mission.

Mission First, People Always PAC will accomplish its mission by cultivating strong leaders who stand for our principles, have the courage of their convictions, and who are capable of inspiring Americans of all backgrounds to accomplish tough missions for the future, while being aware of the struggles that our friends and neighbors face today.


While we are Americans first, we believe that true conservative principles are lessons learned from world history with a deep understanding of human nature which put us in the best position to sustain our way of life. MFPA will support candidates and causes who will:

Strengthen American Families

Ensure Access to the American Dream

Restore Trust in our Fellow Americans

Secure America

Govern with Common Sense Sustainability

Marching Orders

The Republican party was founded by men and women who were willing to fight and die, not for themselves but for the freedoms of “the Failed” and of “the Future.” Now Republicans abandon their principles and shy away from debate in the face of Cancel Culture and mean tweets. We must be bold, stand on our principles, and take action.

Lincoln didn’t fight the Civil War only to beat the South. He and his party — the Republican Party — stood up to end slavery, even in hostile territory, to keep this country together. Mission First, People Always and its candidates have a similar mission: We will stay on offense (without being offensive) where our leadership is needed the most, including in places where our ideas are not always welcome. We are willing to make sacrifices without being thanked, serve without reward, and commit ourselves not just to winning tomorrow’s election, but to win over Americans by doing the right thing.

If Republicans want to fix America, we need to fix ourselves first. We must become more attractive to the best talent and to the most voters by holding ourselves to a higher standard, leading by example, and communicating the power of our ideas. Then we must counter the socialist movement of envy and confiscation with a conservative movement of access and opportunity. That’s how we win.

When we govern, we must show this generation that conservative principles benefit each of us without sacrificing compassion for all of us. We must become disciples of the American Dream and share the good news, unafraid, with those who are being seduced by the lies of the left. That’s how America wins for centuries to come.